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Studies show that hundreds of laws are being added to the books that can potentially make ordinary, everyday activity a crime.  A Just Cause wants to ensure that we as citizens don't ignore the trend of overcriminalization that is occurring in the United States.  Additionally, bi-products of overcriminalization include abuse of power, prosecutorial misconduct, and blatant corruption within the judiciary process.  Organizations like A Just Cause must continue to bring attention to these situations and press our legislators for substantive reforms.  Men and women should not be incarcerated for activities that would otherwise be considered trivial and obscure.  Read the stories included on this page.  The details surrounding the cases are amazing.

Important Cases We Can't Ignore...

IRP Solutions Corporation

How a business dream became a nightmare

This is a story about how prosecutorial tunnel vision created a tragic communication failure. The criminal justice system exists to give everyone a chance to tell their story. Juries decide who brings the best story to the table. Bad things happen when the system amplifies one story while silencing the other. (Dr. Alan Bean, Executive Director, Friends of Justice)

Developments on the Case of the IRP5

Tune into AJC Radio's three-part series, 'Fantasies and Lies in the IRP5 Case'

Read the raw, unedited truth of the latest, unbelievable developments in this case...
 - Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP5 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies
 - Colorado Federal Judge Accused of Slandering Colorado Springs Pastor, Church and Religion from the Bench, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause
AJC Radio Campaigns for those Behind the Wall!!

Featured Guests will highlight Injustices & Abuses in US Prisons

AJC Radio will be covering the terrible abuses behind the wall with increased emphasis. The voices of prisoners may be minimized by most, but they are not voiceless. AJC Radio will speak to the murders by correctional officers, horrible beatings, killings, rapings, and continued abuse prisoners face every day in the American prison system! Let your voice be heard on behalf of the voiceless!  Sign our petition on today!
Justice for Jesse - The Case of Jesse Brooks Takes Center Stage
A Just Cause is joining forces with those seeking justice for Jesse Brooks!  Jesse was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison in a tragic miscarriage of justice.  A Just Cause is taking up the case and will expose the evidence, the prosecution, the jailhouse witnesses, the smear campaign and more, which led to the perfect storm of injustice... Stayed tuned for more details on the fight for Jesse Brooks...
The Case of Paul Tanaka, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department 
Undersheriff Paul Tanaka battles for his life, family and name from Florence Federal Prison Camp (FPC)... read more details about his story and the grave injustice he has faced.  A Just Cause is taking up the case and leaving no stone unturned...
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