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What is A Just Cause?

A Just Cause will address the challenges of a variety of issues in America that are seemingly out of control. These issues are critical for the future of America.


A Just Cause is designed to captivate the American people by dissecting the United States and exposing the hard truths we must face. 


A Just Cause is an all volunteer organization that seeks to provide education, awareness, and information to help find solutions for America.

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A Just Cause 
News and Latest Press Releases

Legislation and Studies 

It is our vision to bring information and education and true awareness to the American people all over the United States. As an organization, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal and organizational excellence...

Overcrowded Colorado Federal Prison Camp Presents Serious COVID-19 Threat to Staff and Inmates... 

Federal Prison Camp's Refusal to Release Inmates Under First Step Act Increased Coronavirus Threat

Studies have been conducted and legislation drafted that addresses flaws or concerns regarding the judicial process in the United States. A Just Cause will collect and make available information that is critical to educating the public on the U.S. Judiciary.

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Artwork by Andres Guzman

(IG: @andresitoguzman)

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Welcome Home Clinton Stewart, IRP5

Clinton Stewart Early Release on January 2nd As A Result of the First Step Act!! 

Watch Footage of His Warm Welcome Home Freedom Celebration

T. West Conducts a Live Interview in Continuing Coverage of Clinton Stewart's Early Release!!

Watch this Powerful Interview of Clinton Stewart in His Own Words...

Exposing Fisk Lawnscapes...

Consumer Corruption: Exposing Fisk Lawnscapes!! 

Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Exposes the Facts and Seeks Justice

Summary of Facts:
After explicitly discussing the type of service desired and expected, Fisk failed to complete any service that had been paid for.  For the cost of approximately $1500 per month for pruning of shrubs, bushes, and hedges; flower bed weed removal and deadheading; removal of debris and dead/withering vegetation. A payment of $1775 had been made for sprinkler maintenance and repair; Fisk had not performed any of the beforementioned services.  
Payments had been made for April, May, and June 2019.  As of July 4, 2019, no trimming or pruning of hedges, shrubs, or bushes had been performed.
Flower beds were not weeded, and grass had grown into the flower beds.
Sprinkler system was not setup/serviced to support proper growth and coverage in flower beds and subsequently, flooding of the backyard occurred because of sprinkler disrepair.  After 4 tries, Fisk was unable to eradicate this problem and another contractor had to be paid $1500 to fix the system that Fisk had already been paid to complete.  Last of all, due to the flooding, sod had to be replaced for an additional $600.
Flowers installed into flower beds were not the flowers agreed to when the contract was compiled with Jacob Stankich, and Rick Hobb.
Concrete color and texture is not the correct color and texture according to what was agreed to with Rick Hobb.  There was no sample concrete viewing prior to pour, which is their standard process.  Rick Hobb, in the presence of Jacob Stankich, agreed that because the job had not been performed according to what was agreed upon, the remaining balance for the concrete installation would be negated and Fisk would attempt to correct the problems that exist.
When a business fails to provide the agreed upon service and installs the incorrect product, the only proper course of action would be a full refund to the customer.  Instead Fisk sends a letter with a balance due from the customer.  This is an inconceivable response on the part of Fisk Lawnscapes.
Listen to the AJC Radio Program for more details - Exposing Fisk Lawnscapes

IRP5 Lives at Risk...

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A Just Cause Recognizes...

A Just Cause Remembers...

AJC and AJC Radio Bid Farewell to a Sister and Freedom Fighter

Lawanna Banks Clark: September 20, 1962 - November 14, 2018

A Just Cause and AJC Radio says goodbye to our sister, Lawanna Banks Clark. We will miss you and keep your spirit alive as we fight for Justice just as you did.  Tune in to AJC Radio's January 15th Show, entitled the 'Collateral Damage of Injustice - The Lawanna Clark Story'.
Rest in Peace ~ Lawanna Banks Clark
September 20, 1962 - November 14, 2018
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Meet First Recipient of the H. Lee Sarokin Gavel Award!! 

Presented by A Just Cause

Judge H. Lee Sarokin served on the United States District Court (New Jersey), appointed by President Carter, and the United States Court of Appeals (3rd Cir.) appointed by President Clinton. He retired in 1996 after 17 years on the federal bench and now resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California.
In 1985, Sarokin famously overturned the 1967 triple murder conviction of former middleweight boxer Rubin Carter resulting in Carter's release. Sarokin ruled that Carter had not received a fair trial as the prosecution had been based on 'racism rather than reason' and 'concealment rather than disclosure'.
Judge Sarokin has taken an interest in the IRP6 wrongful convictions case and posted a five-part series in the Huffington Post, in which he is an ongoing contributor:
"The Case of the Missing Transcript,” “The Missing Transcript Case Becomes More Curious – Part II”, “The Case of the Missing Transcript Solved – Part III”,  "The Case of the Missing Transcript Becomes Stranger Yet - Part IV", and "The Case of the Missing Transcript Faces Another Defeat - Part V."
Judge Sarokin says, Court of Appeal had enough evidence to conclude that IRP6's rights were indeed violated and the court should either reverse or remand for a new trial or dismiss.
Judge H. Lee Sarokin volunteered 2.5 years of his time and service to thoroughly investigate the wrongful convictions of the IRP6. After his findings of 'No Criminal Intent' was demonstrated by the IRP6, he hasn't stopped advocating for their freedom and release from federal prison.
In honor of his ongoing efforts, the H. Lee Sarokin Gavel of Honor Award was created by a non-profit advocacy organization, called A Just Cause. This award recognizes individuals, who possess the qualities of the good Samaritan, crying out against injustice and abuse wherever found, and making extraordinary personal sacrifices to advance the cause of justice for their fellow man and humanity, as a whole.
Appropriately, the first H. Lee Sarokin Gavel of Honor Award recipient was its namesake, the Honorable H. Lee Sarokin, federal judge, good Samaritan, and fierce protector of every human's constitutional rights. He is a true hero!
H. Lee Sarokin.jpg

"If a scam, would you single out law enforcement agencies as your sole customers?"

A Just Cause Highlights the Raw Truth on Critical Cases...

AJC Radio Campaigns for those Behind the Wall!!

Featured Guests will highlight Injustices & Abuses in US Prisons

AJC Radio will be covering the terrible abuses behind the wall with increased emphasis. The voices of prisoners may be minimized by most, but they are not voiceless. AJC Radio will speak to the murders by correctional officers, horrible beatings, killings, rapings, and continued abuse prisoners face every day in the American prison system!
Let your voice be heard on behalf of the voiceless!  Sign our petition on today!
Justice for Jesse - The Case of Jesse Brooks Takes Center Stage
A Just Cause is joining forces with those seeking justice for Jesse Brooks!  Jesse was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison in a tragic miscarriage of justice.  A Just Cause is taking up the case and will expose the evidence, the prosecution, the jailhouse witnesses, the smear campaign and more, which led to the perfect storm of injustice... Stayed tuned for more details on the fight for Jesse Brooks...
Developments on the Case of the IRP5

Tune into AJC Radio's three part series, 'Fantasies and Lies in the IRP5 Case'

Read the raw, unedited truth of the latest, unbelievable developments in this case...
 - Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP5 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies
 - Colorado Federal Judge Accused of Slandering Colorado Springs Pastor, Church and Religion from the Bench, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause
The Case of Paul Tanaka, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department 
Undersheriff Paul Tanaka battles for his life, family and name from Florence Federal Prison Camp (FPC)... read more details about his story and the grave injustice he has faced.  A Just Cause is taking up the case and leaving no stone unturned...

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Featured Publications

The Case of the Missing Transcript

by Judge H. Lee Sarokin - The Huffington Post

"If ever the saying "Justice delayed is justice denied" has applicability, it is in this strange case. Defendants who may be innocent and whose constitutional rights were likely violated sit in prison; their families sit at home awaiting the court's judgment; an entire community sits and awaits their return. And Justice sits and awaits a ruling.” 

Must Read!!

Visit the site for more details on this story.


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