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Protesting on the Front-lines for Human Rights & Social Justices

A Just Cause Advocates Alongside Cassie Monaco Fighting for her Husband, Chris Camut's Life

Chris Camut is serving time in FCI Florence Prison Camp and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer; after being diagnosed, he requested

to be given a 'Compassionate Release' from prison, so that he can get the proper medical treatment needed to prolong or save his life!


June 30, 2020, Tuesday evening at 4:30 pm MST 

A Just Cause Protests Outside Senator Michael Bennet's Office in Denver

March 15, 2013

A Just Cause Protests at the Federal Building in Denver 
A Just Cause Protests for the IRP5 at the Ferderal Courthouse in Denver
The men are sitting in Denver Detention as the Protest Happens 

October 2011

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