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As a Correctional Officer, I regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession.

I will keep myself in the best possible physical condition at all times. I will perform my duty with efficiency at all times.

I will be exemplary in my conduct, edifying in my conversation, honest in my dealings and obedient to the laws of the city, state and county.

I will regard my oath as I regard my sacred honor.


I will not, in the performance of my duty, work for personal advantage or profit.


I will, at all times, recognize that I am a public servant.


I will give the most efficient and impartial service of which I am capable at all times.


I will be courteous in my contacts at all times.


I will regard my fellow officers with the same standards as I hold myself.


I will guard my fellow officers' honor and life as I guard my own.


I will be loyal to my fellow officers, my superiors and my institution.


I will accept responsibility for my actions.


I will do only those things that will reflect honor on my fellow officers, my institution and myself.

The Correctional Officer's Oath

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