2017 Press Releases

December 4, 2017 - 10th Circuit Judges & Harvey Weinstein Have Much in Common, Says Advocacy Group.  Colorado Federal Judges Abuse Power and Cover Misconduct, Alleges A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/10th-circuit-judges-harvey-weinstein-have-much-in-common-says-advocacy-group-900336.htm.

November 13, 2017 - Clients of WME Entertainment Asked to Depart and Decry Company for Alleged Abuse Against Women.  WME Management Allegedly Retaliates Against Woman For Speaking Out Against Gender Abuse, says Advocacy Organization, A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-890802.htm.

October 25, 2017 - Weinstein Scandal Prompts A Just Cause to Speak out About Abuse to Female Executive by WME Entertainment & PBR.  Sexism and Racism at the Center of Female Vice President's EEOC Complaint Against WME/PBR.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-881753.htm.

October 20, 2017 - AJC Radio Is Proud to Highlight an Advocate for Justice, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries of New York on the Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  AJC Radio looks back at the most exciting interviews with Members of Congress and their ongoing legislative efforts in the new Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/ajc-radio-is-proud-to-highlight-an-advocate-for-justice-congressman-hakeem-jeffries-of-new-york-on-the-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-encore-series-880092.htm.

October 5, 2017 - Senator Mike Lee of Utah Will Once Again Be Highlighted on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill.  Spotlight on Capitol Hill Reminds our Listeners about the Initiatives, Accomplishments, and Overall Impact Senator Mike Lee has on Capitol Hill.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/senator-mike-lee-of-utah-will-once-again-be-highlighted-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-873712.htm.

September 28, 2017 - Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York, a True American Success Story, Is Highlighted on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill.  Spotlight on Capitol Hill Highlights Congressman Gregory Meeks' Initiatives, Accomplishments, and His Impact on Capitol Hill Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause.  


September 22, 2017 - Dossier Alleges Scathing Misconduct by Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office & Federal Judges.  Dossier Sent to DOJ Headquarters and Members of Congress Seeking Dismissal of Indictment in IRP6 Case.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-868637.htm

September 14, 2017 - Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina Is Featured This Week on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  AJC Radio takes a look back at the most exciting interviews with Members of Congress and their ongoing legislative efforts in the new Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congressman-james-clyburn-of-south-carolina-is-featured-this-week-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-encore-series-865355.htm

September 8, 2017 - Senator John "The Maverick" McCain of Arizona Is Featured This Week on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  AJC Radio looks back at the most exciting Spotlight on Capitol Hill Shows, in the new Spotlight on Capitol Hill, Encore Series.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/senator-john-the-maverick-mccain-of-arizona-is-featured-this-week-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-encore-series-861274.htm

September 6, 2017 - After Arpaio, Trump Should Pardon Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials Says A Just Cause.  Presidential Pardons Needed Because 9th Circuit Denies Justice for Local Law Enforcement.  


July 31, 2017 - Members of Congress Request Judicial Complaint Filed Against Colorado Federal Judge. Complaint Alleges Judge Christine Arguello Slandered Local Pastor, Church & Religion.  


July 20, 2017 - Further Analysis May Show Prosecution Against Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials Was Illegitimate.  LASD9 Prosecuted to Cover FBI Misconduct, Not for Obstruction of Justice, Alleges Advocacy Organization, A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/further-analysis-may-show-prosecution-against-los-angeles-county-sheriff-officials-was-illegitimate-835006.htm

July 10, 2017 - Colorado Federal Judge Accused of Slandering Colorado Springs Pastor, Church and Religion from the Bench, Says Advocacy Group a Just Cause.  Outrage Ensues from Government & federal Judge Christine M. Arguello's Public Attacks on Pastor Rose Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-829509.htm

July 6, 2017 - Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP6 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies.  IRP6 Defendant Gary Walker Feigns Guilt Based by Promoting He Was Under the Spell of His Mother-in-Law Pastor and Wife.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-828015.htm

June 14, 2017 - Federal Judges Condone Outrageous FBI Misconduct by Failing to Dismiss Indictment Against LASD Officials.  FBI Misconduct That Imprisoned Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials Could Have Resulted in Murder.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/federal-judges-condone-outrageous-fbi-misconduct-by-failing-to-dismiss-indictment-against-lasd-officials-820612.htm

June 12, 2017 - Colorado Defendants Discuss Their Decision to Represent Themselves in Federal Criminal Case.  Six Codefendants Fired Their Six Court-Appointed Attorneys on Same Day for Lying.  


June 5, 2017 - Inmate Alleges Sexual Abuse by Prison Guard at Federal Prison in Florence, Colorado. Grievance Filed with BOP Says Numerous Inmates Subjected to Voyeurism by Guard. http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/inmate-alleges-sexual-abuse-prison-guard-federal-prison-815600.htm

June 1, 2017 - Congress Asked to Investigate Complaint Against Four Colorado Federal Judges.  10th Circuit Refuses to Answer Complaint Alleging Judicial Misconduct That Caused Wrongful Conviction.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congress-asked-to-investigate-complaint-against-four-colorado-federal-judges-814637.htm

June 1, 2017 - DOJ Prosecutor Allegedly Used Character Assassination to Wrongly-Convict Former LA County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. A Just Cause Discusses Tanaka's Personal & Professional Record to Debunk Prosecutor's Lies at Trial.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/doj-prosecutor-allegedly-used-character-assassination-wrongly-convict-former-814620.htm

May 26, 2017 - Senator Bernie Sanders Is Featured on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill as a Just Cause Honors His Contributions to the United States. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth look at Senator Bernie Sanders, the Longest Serving Independent Politician in Congress, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/senator-bernie-sanders-is-featured-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-as-a-just-cause-honors-his-contributions-to-the-united-states-812531.htm

May 23, 2017 - A Just Cause Discusses Alleged Crimes And/or Abuses by Feds in Prosecution of Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials. AJC Makes Case that Feds Allegedly Violated FBI Policy, Supreme Court Law, Criminal Law & Endangered the Lives of LASD Deputies & Public.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/a-just-cause-discusses-alleged-crimes-andor-abuses-by-feds-in-prosecution-of-los-angeles-county-sheriff-officials-811484.htm

May 11, 2017 - Defunding Camps Will Help Solve Crisis at Federal Bureau of Prisons, Says a Just Cause. Petty Policing at Federal Prison Camps by BOP Costing Taxpayers Billions & Endangering Public.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/defunding-camps-will-help-solve-crisis-at-federal-bureau-of-prisons-says-a-just-cause-806068.htm

May 11, 2017 - Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials & IRP6 Are Victims of Similar Prosecutorial Abuses, Says a Just Cause. Federal Judges Gave Prosecutors Leeway to Obtain Convictions by Devious Means.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/los-angeles-county-sheriff-officials-irp6-are-victims-of-similar-prosecutorial-abuses-says-a-just-cause-804770.htm

April 18, 2017 - Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and Other LASD Officials Allegedly Wrongly-Convicted. Turf War Results in Feds Vindictively Pursuing Conviction of Los Angeles County Law Enforcement.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/los-angeles-county-undersheriff-paul-tanaka-and-other-lasd-officials-allegedly-wrongly-convicted-795701.htm

March 17, 2017 - House Judiciary Committee and Trump Asked to Close Wasteful Federal Prison Camps. Tax Dollars for Federal Prison Camps Are Extension of Welfare System.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/house-judiciary-committee-and-trump-asked-to-close-wasteful-federal-prison-camps-783729.htm

March 15, 2017 - Government Witnesses Expose IRP6 Indictment as a Fraud but Federal Judge Refused to Dismiss. Transcript Excerpts Posted Online Show Government's Witnesses Disproved Prosecutor's Claims of Fraud.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-782431.htm

March 9, 2017 - Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland Gives an Exclusive Interview on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives the American People a clear look at the great initiatives and the legislative agendas of Congressman Elijah Cummings.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congressman-elijah-cummings-of-maryland-gives-an-exclusive-interview-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-780291.htm

March 2, 2017 - AJC Radio's "Spotlight on Capitol Hill" Welcomes Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Giving an Exclusive Interview on AJC Radio. Spotlight on Capitol Hill focuses on the hard work that our Elected officials are doing to mpact this nation and beyond. Focusing on what members are doing in a positive way.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-welcomes-congressman-steve-cohen-of-tennessee-giving-an-exclusive-interview-on-ajc-radio-777307.htm

February 23, 2017 - Congresswoman Robin Kelly of Illinois Gives an Exclusive Interview on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth Look at Initiatives and the Legislative Agendas of Congresswoman Robin Kelly.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congresswoman-robin-kelly-of-illinois-gives-an-exclusive-interview-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-775064.htm

February 15, 2017 - Congresswoman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi Is Highlighted on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth Look at Initiatives and the Legislative Agendas of Congressman Bennie Thompson.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congresswoman-bennie-thompson-of-mississippi-is-highlighted-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-771908.htm

February 13, 2017 - Colorado Federal Judges Worthy of Trump, Gorsuch and Media Criticism. Gorsuch Opinion Proves His 10th Circuit Peers Disregarded Law and Constitution.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/colorado-federal-judges-worthy-of-trump-gorsuch-and-media-criticism-770924.htm

February 9, 2017 - Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina Is Highlighted on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth Look at Initiatives and the Legislative Agendas of Congressman Jim Clyburn.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/congressman-jim-clyburn-of-south-carolina-is-highlighted-on-ajc-radios-spotlight-on-capitol-hill-769639.htm

February 1, 2017 - Attorney Seeks Grand Jury Materials for Alleged Misconduct by Denver Federal Prosecutor. Court Records Show Prosecutor Vindictively Pursued Second Grand Jury in IRP6 Case, Says A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/obama-receives-last-minute-clemency-letters-on-facebook-from-wrongly-convicted-irp6-defendants-759734.htm

January 13, 2017 - Obama Receives Last Minute Clemency Letters on Facebook from Wrongly Convicted IRP6 Defendants. Will President Obama Show Same Mercy Given to Drug Offenders for African-American Tech Execs Who Supported Law Enforcement? Asks A Just Cause.  http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/obama-receives-last-minute-clemency-letters-on-facebook-from-wrongly-convicted-irp6-defendants-759734.htm

January 12, 2017 - Senator Dianne Feinstein of Cailfornia Is Highlighted on AJC Radio's Spotlight on Capitol Hill. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth Look at Senator Feinstein.  


January 5, 2017 - Congresswoman Barbara Lee of the Golden State Gives an Exclusive Interview on AJC Radio. Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-Depth Look at Congresswoman Barbara Lee. 


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