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A Just Cause is actively involved in contacting the media, attorneys, Congressman, Senators and other advocacy groups regarding matters of the judiciary.  Periodically AJC will do Press Release on an issue(s) to draw wide-spread awareness.  Recent AJC Press Releases are provided here, as reference.

Recent News​
Recent News


Recently the media has covered a lot of stories related to men and women being released from prison after being incarcerated for 10, 15, 20 and even 25+ years.  Stories are even now being reported on about men and women being wrongfully accused, prosecuted and convicted as a result of corrupt prosecutors, judges and other officers of the court. 

A Just Cause believes that well informed citizens are better equipped to challenge injustice.  A Just Cause strives to provide current updates on news and events related to advocacy for judicial reform.



There are a number of resources dedicated to assisting people with legal needs.  Whether you are doing research, searching for an attorney, or seeking assistance from other advocacy groups, A Just Cause provides links and information about helpful organizations.

If you know of other organizations that could be of benefit to users of this website, please contact us with additional information.

A Just Cause seeks to provide as many resources as possible to help citizens gain knowledge of the U.S. judicial process.​​

Suggested Readings
Suggested Readings

There are countless authors who write about judicial reform, injustice, and the flaws associated with the U.S. judicial system.

A Just Cause provides a short list of books that are thought provoking and insightful.  While A Just Cause does not endorse any particular author or their opinions, the content of their books provide a basis for in-depth dialogue regarding what is happening in the United States courts.

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