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What is A Just Cause?

A Just Cause will address the challenges of a variety of issues in America that are seemingly out of control. These issues are critical for the future of America.


A Just Cause is designed to captivate the American people by dissecting the United States and exposing the hard truths we must face. 


A Just Cause seeks to provide education, awareness, and information to help find solutions for America.

A Just Cause 

It is our vision to bring information and education and true awareness to the American people all over the United States. As an organization, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal and organizational excellence...

News and Latest Press Releases

Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP6 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies...  

IRP6 Defendant Gary Walker Feigns Guilt Based by Promoting He Was Under the Spell of His Mother-in-Law Pastor and Wife

Legislation and Studies 

Studies have been conducted and legislation drafted that addresses flaws or concerns regarding the judicial process in the United States. A Just Cause will collect and make available information that is critical to educating the public on the U.S. Judiciary.


A Just Cause Partners with Stella's Voice Against Human Trafficking

Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable from Traffickers
Providing care, education and jobs that are protecting the world's most vulnerable...

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson, the Global Director of Stella’s Voice, an international organization whose vision is to be a voice for the orphans of Moldova, joined A Just Cause Radio on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 to highlight the plight of children exposed to human trafficking around the globe.  Mark Morgan, who serves as the European Director for Stella's Voice also joined the broadcast discussing the rescue of orphaned teenagers and the successful youth and children's ministries of Stella's Voice.  


Stella’s Voice provides love and care for over 50 teens who are at risk of being sold into human trafficking. The ministry operates three homes: Stella’s Houses 1 and 2, and Simon’s House.

Mark & Sharon Morgan

To listen to the show archive: Stella's Voice - June 13, 2017

Stella's Voice Official Site | Twitter Facebook |  +1 (334) 288-1188

Featured News from A Just Cause's Flagship Case, IRP6!!

The Honorable H. Lee Sarokin, Retired Federal Appellate Judge, Pens 'The Race Card Face Up' 
Take action today and sign the petition to free the innocent men known as the IRP6!
Support the IRP6 in Their Quest for Justice!
IRP6 Software Is Able To Stop ISIS NOW And Keep America Safe! - Software Available Now, Call 1-855-529-4252, ext 710

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Featured Publications

The Case of the Missing Transcript

by Judge H. Lee Sarokin - The Huffington Post

"If ever the saying "Justice delayed is justice denied" has applicability, it is in this strange case. Defendants who may be innocent and whose constitutional rights were likely violated sit in prison; their families sit at home awaiting the court's judgment; an entire community sits and awaits their return. And Justice sits and awaits a ruling.” 

Must Read!!

Visit the site for more details on this story.

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A Just Cause Important  Links - Take Action

Learn more about NACDL and the issues that shape criminal justice policies and practice.

Contact your member of congress and let your voice be heard.

Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Get involved in judicial reform.

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