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H.R. 429 (114th): Grand Jury Reform Act of 2015


​To provide that in the case of a law enforcement officer who uses deadly force against a person, and thereby causes the death of that person, a hearing shall be conducted before a judge to determine whether there is probable cause for the State to bring criminal charges against the law enforcement officer relating to the death of the person, and for other purposes.  

S. 822 (113th): Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2013


To protect crime victims’ rights, to eliminate the substantial backlog of DNA samples collected from crime scenes and convicted offenders, to improve and expand the DNA testing capacity of Federal, State, and local crime laboratories, to increase research and development of new DNA testing technologies, to develop new training programs regarding the collection and use of DNA evidence, to provide post conviction testing of DNA evidence to exonerate the innocent, to improve the performance of counsel in State capital cases, and for other purposes

H.R. 3396 (105th): Citizens Protection Act of 1998


To establish standards of conduct for Department of Justice employees, and to establish a review board to monitor compliance with such standards. 

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