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Philly PD still using typewriters; are you kidding me!!

IRP Solutions execs had the fix for Philly PD but IBM and Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Kirsch interfered with business

For those who are intimately familiar with the IRP6 story, you will know that every bit of this commentary is true.  For those naysayers, maybe this commentary and the linked story will show you yet another element of the IRP story that proves the IRP6 WERE NOT running some sort of scheme.                                                                                                                                                       

To the contrary, the IRP6 were in fact working very hard to help solve major issues within law enforcement agencies across this country.​  It's sad that there are folks in this country who put personal aspirations and political goals ahead of what is right.

The link below is to a story that recently ran in Technically Philly (by Juliana Reyes).   Technically Philly reports that Philly PD is still using typewriters and they have spent over $7 million with top contractors like IBM unsuccessfully trying to automate their processes.

​So what does this have to do with A Just Cause and the IRP6?  Prior to the IRP6 being indicted, prior to any trial, prior to any court appearances, executives from IRP Solutions were working with Philly PD to automate some of the department's processes.  An overzealous Assistant U.S. Attorney in Denver (Matthew Kirsch) and project managers from IBM saw to it that IRP did not do business with Philly PD. 

Why is this important?.  It's important because IRP was accused of running some sort of scheme. The fact is, IRP was developing viable software for law enforcement.  The company accrued debt by using staffing companies to help develop the software.  One contract with a major law enforcement agency would have positioned IRP to provide law enforcement with great software as well as settle its debts with staffing companies. 

AUSA Kirsch had IRP and its execs in his sights and it seems that everywhere the company went to attempt to secure a contract he showed up by contacting the agency and smeared the name of the company and the execs.  In the case of Philly, Kirsch had the help of IBM project managers who had a vested interested in ensuring that IRP was pushed out of the picture.  IBM being upstaged by a small technology company?.... Not gonna happen!!  At least that's the way it played out. 

Bottom line:  Philly PD had a need. IRP Solutions had the fix.  An overzealous Assistant U.S. Attorney wanted to convict some guys.  IBM project managers were not going to be upstaged.  IBM and the AUSA smear the names of IRP and its execs.  Philly PD, no matter how impressed with IRP, pulled the plug.  AUSA Kirsch eventually gets his indictment and conviction (through questionable tactics).  IBM kept the entire Philly contract and didn't have to share with a small company called IRP Solutions.  Philly PD still using typewriters.  Philly PD has spent $7 million.  Philly PD still has a need.  Six IRP Solutions executives are wrongly convicted and are in federal prison.   IRP Solutions running a scam or scheme?  NOT AT ALL!!  This was about big business.  A Just Cause will continue expose the truth surrounding this case as well as push to get the IRP6 cleared.

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